Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Beauty and Madness

Hay finally na retrieve ko blogspot k :) missed blogging.. Talked with a college friend.. Didnt realize I was an emotional junkie then, and quite frequent emotional outburst. Hay.. I'm soo weird, the yester years seems a distant past from where I am now.. Maybe because I am in a better place, I found myself secure and happy thanks to Yves. . Still I am the same Yen just more subdue and calmer. I remember saying I want someone to tame me.. And I guess someone already have.

Remembering yester years its quite funny how years before what hurts me are the same things that can inflict pain.

"What is love?" intriguing questions that I love juggling around.. seems to be a philosophical questions.. So far the answer I got is.. Love is not given out of gratitude or pity.. Loving someone without knowing why.. Maybe that would work if you came to be in luck that the other person returns your affection and love. Or else something as irrational as thatalmost always drowns in heartache.

Reminising pain.. its always hard to love someone who doesnt love you back. To choose but not be chosen back.. Hay old sounds.. The emotional junkie miss the highs but I have to know better to take care of my heart.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Tips on eating out

1. Monday and Tuesday are the days that restaurants are not full. You will be well accommodated and seated.

2. In buffet eat all you can, come early as 6pm. Wide selection of food still available.

3. Come to newly open restaurants. Chances are they have bigger servings and cheaper price. As they are still adjusting to how to price food and cost cut.

4. When given a set meal and all foods laid in front of you , Eat fiber first (salad, fruits, vegetables). Fibers digest faster than meat, this is for smoother and faster bowel digestion.
Eat slow, take your time. Eating slow not only lets you savor the flavor but makes you full. You also digest better.

5. A good restaurant has a clean kitchen and toilet.

6. Restaurants cater to different crowds. Some specialize in fine dinning, steaks.. Some are pricier and has small servings. At times its not about the serving, its about the flavor. The richness in it soothes your palette. Try different dishes once in a while and surprise yourself. Try the most unique and exotic that the particular restaurant only offer. Variety is fun. Hard earned money should be worthily spent.

Try out:
Green mango and prawn pasta - temple bar
Salmon pizza (im not sure about the name) - piadina
Set meal - bedsapce
Gyros (bka mali mali na spell ko)
max brenner
Terriyaki boy
Want to try crown plaza, seventh heaven, milky way

Friday, August 04, 2006


I sleep 1am, wake up at 9:30am
I'm not productive
I'd rather sleep
Sleep is peaceful and whole relm of reality
It's equivalent to swimming

Feeling ko i'm fast forwarding my life..
un wala na papala
nagsasayang lang ng oras
tapos pagising ko na lang 60 yrs old n ko

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Selling the drama

I could hear the sound of emptiness and my heartaches
It’s been a year since I heard the blues

How can you lose something you’ve already found

Maybe there is a better world away from us
Someone that’ll make you smile

When do you ask whats the point
When you’re dancing in the dark
And you find yourself alone
Then you close you’re eyes and carry on

To gain strength in the past
Or to live in the past

Who do you live for
Which side do you choose
Have you looked in the mirror

I feel the insecurities
Have I fought the dragons?
But I think the only enemy is within.
The uncertainties and inconceivable decisions
And yet those are the choices of living
The fork in the road
The life changing wind

I’m 25 years old
Unemployed.. Self employed bum
With something to prove
Where is the trust theses days

Learning that good enough is ok
Sometimes you cant be the best

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Lisenciado na ako :)

I entered the review center in the mind im for december board. If im reday ill get june board.

I registered on the last day.. It took me that long because I was hessitant, i didnt feel ready. I had to ask signs from God. And he answered. So I was going on faith. There were times i questioned.. maybe He wanted me to fail. I didnt ask if i'd pass, i ask if i should take it. Not everyone got to take it, and this was a door of oppurtunity. The next door came december and that would be 6 months waiting.

I brokedown.. cried uncontrollably in the review center. I feel like a broken closet. Tension and pressure building up.

I warn, counsel my family.. I prepared them that there was a big chance id fail. This was crisis management.

No study habits backing me up.. Didnt study beyond review. Took the studying last two weeks before the exam.

Leakage scandal.. a month went by.. no longer excited.. Waitng for the result as closure on what subject to study.

June 19. woke up tot he news. off the roof happy :) My bras underwire caved in, got it out.. Used the bra, I tied the 2 underwire together. I'd keep this. Sentimental.. Couldnt bear throwin it..

Surprised my mom.. I handed her the xerox copy of the paper.. Naubos Dyaryo e.. She searched for my name.. Sprang into like a darna.. Raised her hand shouted for joy and jumped 2x :)

Thank you to lerma, angela, nana, mara, butchie, mam payba, rcap, especially yves, mum, pao, emma and yves family. and oh yes Dra Aleta Corrales. Ariel from JKD. Daisy from RCAP. RCAP.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Common Osteoporosis meds

Bisphosphonates: Alendronate (Fosamax) and Risedronate (Actonel)
Taken: daily or weekly

Ibandronate (Boniva by Roche):once a month dose. New drug.

Side Effects: taken on an empty stomache, no bending or lying down for 30 min after taking the pill. abdominal pain, upset stomach and nausea. Not recommended for people with kidney problem.

At higher dose: side effetcs increase risk of heart attack, stroke and breast cancer.

Raloxifene (Evista) : works like estrogen without the side effects except increase risk of blood clots.

Teraparatide (Forteo): given daily injection, 65% effective in decreasing fracture. Risk is nor fully understand and use cautiously. Not used for patient with bone cancer and had skeletal radiation theraphy.

Saturday, June 10, 2006


Bukas na exam..
Babagsak ako..

Oops.. strategically i prepared my family for this
Binigyan ko na sila ng extensive grief counselling..

So why am i going to take the board.. if i'm going to take it again on december..
Because God wants me to.. He gave me a sign when I ask for it.

So this should be all faith..
A humbling experience and striving for survial and excellence
Whatever happens.. A fall... I should still run to my destiny..
Like the wild horses.. Less horsing around..

I remember finishing my theses defense..
Press for time.. punch my palm..
Relax.. I can do this.. Focus on the task at hand.
I'm promised a vacation after this
And a party at 29.. moms birthday..
All the more crushing...

So I should do this by faith
Accept my destiny
Be humbled
At ibasura ang pilosopiya na papasa ako dahil mayabang ako.

huling mga sandali na lang may desminoriya pa ako.